Monday, 14 November 2011

Research Approach & Methodology


This chapter describes the methodology and approach applied in the research project. This research will use five major steps to design the communication interaction for UiTM alumni system. It consists of architecture pattern finding (lr), problem identification (motivation), requirement gathering (observe & interview), requirement analysis (srs), and design (sdd). For review, the objectives of this research project are
·        To identify the communication interaction channel in alumni system à(LR)
·        To identify the requirements for communication interaction channel of alumni system in UiTM à(Req Analysis SRS)
·        To design the collaborative of communication interaction in the alumni system à(Design SDD)

1.      Architecture Pattern Finding
a.       Aim to achieve first objective
b.      By doing LR
c.       Expected deliverables are the criteria of communication interaction channel in social network or alumni system is determined and collaborated it to implement in the design of new enhance UiTM alumni system, architecture of the criteria and module in alumni system.
2.      Problem identification.
a.       Aim to find the problem in current UiTM alumni system
b.      By doing the reasearching, and determine what the problem and deliver the aim, objectives, scope and important of the research the expected deliverableasfproject.
c.       Expected deliverable is chapter 1 consist of problem, aim, objective,scope and significance of the project.

3.      Requirement gathering
a.       Aim to collect the data about the problem and identify what is expected to do about the problem
b.      By doing through primary data which is  interview with the stakeholder of of the system, and secondary data by reading, research and finding of the criteria and module for alumni system through article, journal, book, and so on.
c.       Expected deliverable is list of the problem, requirement from the stakeholder, data needed in social communcation network or alumni system
4.      Requirement analysis
a.       Aim to achieve the second objective
b.      By doing the analysis of data gathered, analysis of architecture pattern finding of the criteria  of communication interaction in alumni system, determine criteria of communication interaction channel needed to included in the module of the alumni system
c.       Expected deliverable is SRS and module of communication interaction channel of the alumni system planned.
5.      Design
a.       Aim to achieve the last objective
b.      By doing the design of the new enhance UiTM alumni system by implementing collaboration (association of criteria) of the communication interaction architecture criteria  in the current module of the UiTM alumni system
c.       Expected deliverable is the design of the new communication interaction channel module in UiTM alumni system and SDD and project prototype demostration

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